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IL News 015/2020

The Interview is the final topic from Webinar Ask the Expert series. Ask the Expert is a forum for the youths to learn and consult directly with the experts.

The previous topics are Job Opportunities Post COVID-19, Evaluating Your CV, and the Assessment. There are 450 beneficiaries from 28 provinces in Indonesia.

This long awaited topic was hosted by Andry Lie (Business Fellow, the Leimena Institute) and presented by expert HR Consultants Adi Hariyono and Fini Lynia Arifin.

Both speakers shared latest insights on interview, which are different from what we often found in the internet and interview books. They also emphasized on the importance of sending Thank You Letter to recruiters after the interview. This action could be interpreted as an initiative and showing interest in the company.

Non-verbal communication is also an important factor in interview as it shows one’s attitude and character. The way we sit and have eye-contact with the recruiter; how we do the hand-shake; are mostly used to understand us as candidates.

Many questions were answered satisfyingly according to the speakers’ professional experience as HR Consultants in global HR company.

The speakers ended the webinar with a message for everyone to be themselves. No need to pretend as someone else, understand one’s strengths and weaknesses. If you fail one interview, it doesn’t mean you are not competent, but rather a sign to keep learning and practicing until succeed.

Let’s learn the participants’ comments:

“Thank you. After the webinar, I have different perspective and it makes me confident to embrace the workforce.”
“Please keep doing the webinars, it helps us in remote areas.”
“Very helpful for me as fresh graduate, to be more prepared in recruitment process.”
“The webinars open my mind :)) Keep it with extraordinary speakers.”
“I join all the Ask the Expert series. Overall, I enjoy this event. All the discussions are very enlightening and meaningful especially for me as a fresh graduate to prepare myself. Thank your very much, Institut Leimena, for organizing this Webinar. Can’t wait for another good event.”
“Thank you. I learn more with this webinar, about interview directly from the experts. Keep the spirit.”