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IL News 016/2020

Is A Common Word concept, “Love Your God and Your Neighbours” already known and accepted by Muslim and Christian leaders from different spectrums?

What are the practical examples that we can do, so that the Muslim-Christian relationship in the grassroot are getting better and not only ceremonial among the elites?

What are the real examples of A Common Word in embracing COVID-19? What kind of opportunities in the new-normal era that can be collaborated together to encourage the multi-faith movement that prioritize common good as Indonesian?

Those are some questions discussed at Webinar A Common Word for the Common Good: Questions & Answers, on June 8th 2020. This event is expected as discussion forum and in-depth understanding of A Common Word topic. Lots of questions posted on previous webinar, was an indication of high interest in multi-faith leaders discussion.

The 2-hours webinar was opened with a prayer, led by Rev. Christiana Riyadi from Christian Churches of Java. He prayed for hope that church played its roles wisely in this multicultural nation.

Prof. Dr. Alwi Shihab (Senior Fellow, the Leimena Institute) and Rev. Gomar Gultom, M.Th (Chairman, Communion of Churches in Indonesia) were the speakers who responded questions and comments from participants. Not only discussing questions posted in previous webinar, 140 participants also discussed new questions. Rev. Dr. Henriette Tabita Lebang, M.Th (Ex-Chairman, Communion of Churches in Indonesia) and Rev. Elifas Maspaitella (General Secretary, Moluccan Protestant Church) also attended and gave responses on A Common Word concept.

140 participants are leaders from Christian churches and educations in Indonesia, from North Sumatera to Molucca. They have strategic roles in educating the congregations to coexist peacefully with all different tribes. May this webinar be a trigger to uplift the spirit of A Common Word principles, and apply it in each contextual ministries.

As mentioned by speakers, may the webinar revive the religious spirit in building civilization: a civilization that observes life quality, not number of followers; soft-spoken, not loud voices; love the neighbours, not ignorant to the marginals.

The civilization that love the neighbours as proof of living church in Indonesia, is the prayer asked by all participants in the closing prayer, led by Rev. Linus Baito, M.Th, from Aletheia Theological School, Malang.