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Il News 020/2017

48 emerging leaders coming from various places and organisations were being equipped with the knowledge of nationhood and leadership skills. This training took place at Bogor from 18-21 May 2017, organised by Leimena Institute, Johannes Leimena School of Public Leadership for Young Leaders (JL SOPL for Young Leaders). Participants were leaders from various organisations such as Gerakan Mahasiswa Kristen Indonesia (GMKI-Indonesian Christian Students Movement), Intervarsity Fellowship in Indonesia, Jesus for You (J4U), and Youth and Young Adults Departments of the National Council of Churches of Indonesia (PGI).

These young leaders were equipped with the knowledge on advocacy and analysis skills. The lectures were on “Advocacy for Public Policy, Advocacy for Budget Policy. The workshops that were offered were on Education, Environment and Media. In this training, participants also learned about the life of some inspiring leaders who have given their contribution in the nation building.

Session were led by the experts in their fields like Mercy Barends (a parliament member), Asfinawati (Chairperson of Lembaga Bantuan Hukum — the Non-Profit Legal Assistancy), Bungaran Saragih (Minister of Agriculture, 2001-2004), Riza Damanik (Special Staff for the President), Savic Ali (Chief Editor of the Nadhatul Ulama Online), Yenti Nurhidayat (Manager of the Knowledge Management), Hendrik Rosdinar (Advocacy, Research and Campaign Manager of YAPPIKA).

The purpose of this training is not just to enhance the participants’ knowledge on advocacy but also to instil in them with the spirit to love the nation and to build network amongst participants through Inbound Challenge, group discussions and living together for 4 days 3 nights. At the end of the training, they work together to design some advocacy projects. The feedbacks have been good and we hope this training could equip them to build their own respective cities or provinces.