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IL News 019/2017

The Constitutional Court partnering with Leimena Institute again extended the conference “Getting to Know Citizen’s Constitutional Rights for Leaders from Leimena’s Young Adults Organisations Partners” to other young leaders in 6 cities: Jambi, Makassar, Pontianak, Medan, Malang, and Palangkaraya.

This Video conference was held on 17 May 2017, 08.30 – 15.00 WIB. There were three sessions in this conference: “Constitution and Constitutionalism in Indonesia” by Abdul Gofar; “The State System according to the 1945 Constitution” by Fajar Laksono; and the third was “State in the 1945 Constitution” by Pan M. Faiz.

Participants followed the lectures with full enthusiasm. Both in Cisarua Training Centre and in these six cities were engaged in the Questions and Answers time enthusiastically. The session was divided into two parts: first part was given to the participants in the Training Centre. And the second part, was given to those from the six cities through video conference.

Here is the question from Junianto (a video conference’s participant from Samarinda). “the 1945 Constitution guaranteed everyone to live in a clean and healthy environment. But in reality, there are many companies that explored and exploited the nature and resulted in the damage of the living environment. In my understanding, these damages have violated the rights of every citizen who live in that area. My question: who is responsible for this? Those companies or government who issue the permit?

The conference has been responded very well. Participants came with many questions and the sessions was prolonged for another 30 minutes. The video conference had 153 participants, 16 from Medan, 23 from Jambi, 26 from Malang, 25 from Pontianak, 34 from Samarinda, and 29 from Makassar.