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IL News 011/2018

“What makes a leadership strived and generating real impacts beneficial for humanity and environment?”


31 youths from GKI Synod District of West Java, Central Java, and East Java gathered at Cipanas from June 29th until July 1st 2018 building their public leadership capacities. “Leaders with integrity and impact as main value of public leadership” session opened GARUDA program, a youth leadership training program for public leadership, a partnership between Leimena Institute and GKI Synod.

It is true that integrity is the main value. But integrity alone is not enough. Like two sides of coin, integrity must be accompanied with leadership competence. In public leadership, civic and cultural competence must be improved. Keeping this in mind, the participants were equipped not only with main values of leadership character, but also with Indonesia pluralism narration, the concept of Indonesia, and Pancasila as state ideology in which each principle are intertwined. This understanding could assist participants to understand the nation history and realize their identities in the midst of pluralism and initiate proper action in implementing their leadership.

Learning methodology focusing on learners, combined with learning technology, has created fun learning process. Budi H. Setiamarga and Daniel Adipranata from Leimena Institute facilitated this program. They collaborated with pastors from GKI to facilitate this learning process. Rev. Arliyanus Larosa (General Secretary, GKI Synod), Rev. Untari Setyowati (Deputy General Secretary, GKI Synod), Rev. Agus Wijaya (General Secretary, GKI Synod Central Java District), and Rev. Jotje Hanri Karuh (General Secretary, GKI Synod West Java District) attended the whole training program to support participants. Rev. Arliyanus Larosa extended his expectation to every participant to reflecting God’s calling for Christians in bringing impact with integrity. He emphasized the importance for Christians to be involved in bringing real impact for society, with a pure heart to serve.

Of course, this 3-days program will not immediately make us a prepared public leader for society. It takes process to actually submit ourselves for public service. It takes supportive and collaborative community to keep the fire. Therefore, after the program, participants will keep learning in online community, using technology. This online learning will cover leadership topics to help them becoming relevant and knowledgeable leaders.

Finally, back to the opening question above: what makes a leadership strived and generating real impacts beneficial for humanity and environment? It is the character of integrity and impactful as main value, combined with civic and cultural competence, and awareness for life-time learning.