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IL News 012/2018


Jakob Tobing (President, Leimena Institute) and Matius Ho (Executive Director, Leimena Institute) attended the book launching of Prof. Dr. Ahmad Syafii Maarif translated book titled “Islam, Humanity and the Indonesian Identity: Reflections on History”, supported by Leimena Institute and published by Leiden University. This book launching was held at Leiden University, Netherland, on June 29th, 2018.

“We should be grateful that finally the book by the one of Indonesian most prominent intellectuals has been made available in English edition to Western audience. This is quite exceptional for works by Indonesian intellectuals and philosophers already translated into English. It is an even great a shame that the legacy of most Indonesian Moslem thinkers is largely neglected by the co-religionists in all the parts of Moslem world. Indonesian Moslem thinkers are strongly in kind to draw an ideas and ideals from around the world resulting the creative and courageous new perspectives”, said Dr. Herman Beck from Tilburg University when outlining the author’s profile (Click Dr. Beck also writes a chapter titled “An Introduction to Ahmad Syafii Maarif: The Man and This Book”.

“I am very happy this book is published because Indonesian authored books are rarely available in English, whilst it is very much needed!” said Prof. Dr. Jan Michiel Otto (Click ), ex Director of Van Vollenhoven Institute for 35 years, when giving opening remarks representing Leiden University. Dr. Otto also writes the Foreword in this book. Ending his remarks, the first book was given to Dr. Nikolaos van Dam (Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia, 2005-2010) and Dr. Din Wahid (Education and Cultural Attaché of Indonesia Embassy in Netherland), who also give opening remarks. (

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Syafii Maarif himself is excited about the book launching. “Thanks to Leimena Institute’s consistency, finally my English translated book titled “Islam Dalam Bingkai KeIndonesiaan dan Kemanusiaan” was completed and published at Leiden on June 29th, 2018,” he said as quoted from

Dr. Beck closed his remarks by emphasizing that although this book presents Maarif ideas and ideals with regard to be Moslem, being Indonesian and being human with focused on Indonesian context, this insight may offer inspiration to Moslems and non Moslems all over the world.

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