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IL News 002/2018

Giving generously from what we possess, this is exactly what was happening with “Kanaan” Farming Group member di Manusak Village, empowered by Leimena Institute. Last December 9th, there is a diaconia service to 19 old widows in this group’s last thanksgiving fellowship for God’s blessing of the year. This farming group feels the importance to share with the needy from what they possess, especially with those who are unable to work anymore because of aging.

The group activities in farming continues until today. They grow rice on rainy season and then grow corn and vegetables after the harvest. The existence of this farming group has motivated the surrounding villagers to do farming. Once unused land has turned into farming area grown with paddy, corn, and other horticulture. The harvest is used for family needs, and some are sold to increase family income. Apart from farming, the beef cattle breeding has also grown.

We hope this empowerment program help local villagers to continuously increasing good work ethic. And at the end of the day, the social welfare become part of the citizens’ well-being.