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IL News 001/2018

The speedy growth in Indonesia creative industry has encouraged digital content publishing, be it in short movie, video or video-blog (vlog). Not only among professional, but also millennial generation dominates this creative digital production. Anticipating the trend, (online media initiated by Leimena Institute) partnering with Indonesia Nationhood Movement (Gerakan Kebangsaan Indonesia) held short video festival themed, “About Us” from October 25th until November 24th, 2017. These 1 minute creative videos showcase the millennial interpretation on Pancasila, both as a whole and each principles. A team of jury chose 1 video as grand prize winner, and 5 videos as favorite winners.

All finalists are empowered to become Indonesia Renewal Generation – Generasi Pembaharu Indonesia #GarudaFellows for 3 days (12-14 January 2018) in Jakarta. There are 20 participants from 8 provinces equipped with nationhood knowledge and creative content production skill. This activity was held on Friday, January 12th 2018 at Wonderloft Hostel, Kota Tua, Jakarta.

Sharing on Serving the Nation session by Maruarar Siahaan, Constitution Judge (2003-2009) and Indonesia Christian University (2013-2017). He shared his experience when traveling out of his home village, and encouraged #GarudaFellows to persistently pursuing their dreams whilst increasing self capacity. He also further explained how Indonesia rich heritage should motivate Indonesia citizens to respect and learn others’ culture.

The excitement continued in Archipelago session, participants taste each other local culinary whilst explaining its uniqueness.

Indonesia as An Idea session by Matius Ho, Executive Director of Leimena Institute. He explained how Indonesia was born from a dream, and how important it is for young generation to preserve the dream.

Create Your Story session explored National Library using available tools and data. Further, #GarudaFellows discussed and come up with ideas to present on the following day.

Visiting Jakarta Cathedral Church.

Visiting Jakarta Istiqlal Grand Mosque.

Young Inspiration Talkshow with Lia Toriana, Youth Department Transparency International Indonesia Program Coordinator and Youth Proactive, a community that aims to motivate Indonesia youth actively involved in fighting corruption. “Expression and Young Generation is one package. Youngsters should not be afraid to express their views”, she said to #GarudaFellows.

Tell Your Story session. 

#GarudaFellows present their groups’ creativity in stopmotion, talkshow, musical drama, and musical poem.

Storytelling for Campaign session by Edward Suhadi, a professional photographer and CEO of storytelling agency named In this session, #GarudaFellows is equipped with various skills to package a message in a creative and interesting form.