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IL News 027/2017

One of the key success of the reformation by Martin Luther that had worldwide influence was media. Johannes Guttenberg invented printing machine so the German Bible were printed in a large quantity available for everyone. This was part of teaching by Rev. Suleman Allolinggi, the General Secretary of the Working Board of the Toraja Church Synod. This event was co-organised by Luwu Indonesia Christian Protestant Church (Gereja Protestan Indonesia Luwu (GPIL) and Leimena Institute, on 1-2 November 2017 at Palopo.

This seminar was attended by 45 people from GPIL Synod and delegates from churches in Palopo, GMKI and PMK Palopo. The opening service was led by GPIL General Secretary, Rev. Yan Pali Perdamaian. Representing Leimena Institute were Matius Ho, Budi Setiamarga, dan Daniel Adipranata. This seminar was a bit different from others, here the Leimena Team invited participants to think along how to raise the young generation to become public leaders who have integrity, through Value Proposition Design Method.

In the closing, GPIL Chairperson, Rev. Lambang Mandi Tandipare highlighted the importance to work on the program on raising the young generation in ones’s own churches. To become salt and light where God has placed us, this is God’s calling for His people. This event aimed to help every participant to become responsible citizens.