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IL News 032/2020


“Teachers are figures who hold students’ hands, open minds, touch hearts, and shape their future, even they are not blood-related”, said Indonesian Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs on the commemoration of Teachers Day, 25th November 2020.

Series of programs was held, such as virtual flag ceremony and webinar titled “Teachers’ Dedication Protecting the Nation” on 25th November 2020, hosted by Directorate GTK Madrasah, Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs, supported by Leimena Institute as partner.

The webinar was officially opened by Indonesian Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs, Zainut Tauhid Sa’adi. Dr. H. Masykuri, M.Ed. (Vice Chairman of Dikdasmen, PP Muhammadiyah) was one of the speakers. Participants from various provinces in Indonesia were all enthusiastic. There were 2.690 participants, not including thousands who accessed the webinar from YouTube channel.