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IL News 025/2018


On 29-30 October 2018 in Singapore, Leimena Institute was invited to participate in workshop “Rule of Law and Religion in Asia: Role of Religion in Politics & Its Impact in Law Making” held by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) Rule of Law Programme and Center for Asian Legal Studies at National University of Singapore.

This workshop is important because the 2017 Global Future Survey by KAS showed that 46% respondents in Asia believe that religion play major influence in some or even all politic matters in its country. As keynote speaker in the workshop, President of Leimena Institute, Jakob Tobing, talked about the effort in building rule of law in a society with diversified religions and faiths. This is based on his experience while leading 1945 Constitution amendment process at MPR back on 1999-2002.

Matius Ho, Executive Director of Leimena Institute, explained the approach to build awareness and involvement of religious leaders and young generation in improving solidarity among believers via Pancasila and Citizenship class at higher education in Indonesia. This workshop was attended by religious leaders, politicians, academicians, and NGOs from Asia and Europe.