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IL News 009/2018


More and more intolerance events happen in Indonesia and the world. We need to think how to promote noble values for peaceful coexistence. Learning literature could be one powerful way to promote noble values in living together.

To enrich empowerment for young generation, Leimena Institute partnering with French Embassy in Jakarta organized Literature Workshop with topic, “Critical Reading, Critical Thinking”. This workshop is facilitated by Prof. Emilienne Baneth-Nouailhetas, Attaché for Education Cooperation, French Embassy on Wednesday, May 9th 2018 from 9 AM until 12.30 PM in Leimena Institute office, Jakarta. Prof. Emilienne, a Literature Professor in France, with her dynamic and critical teaching method, helped participants learning literature critically from a literature analysis on short story by George Orwell, titled “A Hanging”.

The literature workshop approach on a literature piece is expected to be implemented in developing empowerment curriculum for young generation. Hence, our future public leaders will have critical and sharp thinking, vast knowledge, and tolerance values for Indonesia plural society.