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IL News 004/2018

Attending participants agreed that one of the church’s calling is to create national leaders with integrity. Everyone has come to conclusion that it is very important to educate young generation as public leaders. The problem is how to start? Or after started, how to execute starting from succession planning method to its substance.

These issues were discussed in Preparing the Youths for Public Leaders Workshop from 12-15 March 2018. The workshop was attended by 3 Synods from Gereja Toraja (Rev. Arsiati and Rev. Misel), Gereja Bethel Injil Sepenuh (Rev. Ezra and Rev. Jonah), and Gereja Kristen Pasundan (Rev. Sains Pieter). Workshop facilitators from Leimena Institute are Budi Setiamarga, Daniel Adipranata, Matius Ho, and Vonny Tjandra.

The workshop was started with the facts of young generation characteristic (called millennial generation), led to the importance of contextual succession planning program for young generation. Value Proposition Canvas was introduced as analytical tool. This analytic method uniqueness is the its bottom-up approach, which enable designer to create a contextual program according to the young’s need.

We don’t have much time left for youth regeneration. Church institutions are facing youth characteristic change and rapid technology. Churches need to adjust to effectively doing their roles, without reducing any truth. Hence, regeneration pattern needs to be contextual and and become serious concern.