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IL News 022/2017

Pancasila is a strong capital for us, not only to build Indonesia civilisation but also the civilisation of the world in the future, where people with different faiths can live together harmoniously. We need the participations of public leaders to maintain Pancasila as the foundation of Indonesia. Therefore, public leaders need to have the right knowledge of nationhood. Johannes Leimena School of Public Leadership 2017 equipped these public leaders with: The Basic Principle of Constitution, the Effect of the 1945 Constitution Amendment, Pancasila and the Dream of the Nation, Responsible Citizenship and the Relationship between State and Religions.

Constitution is our agreements that we made together as the guide for living together as a nation. As citizens of Indonesia, we need to know our Constitution! It’s primarily important for public leaders who also serve as strategic leaders in their respective fields. In “The Basic Principle of Constitution,” Jakob Tobing explained the Indonesia Constitution and the role of the 1945 Constitution in the life of the nation. Pancasila is the nation’s philosophy and values. It’s the compass for us to make our stand and to maintain the unity and the wholeness of the nation. To live out Pancasila in our daily life is part of the attempts to achieve the dream of the nation.

Religion and faith are integral parts of the people’s life. We are members of certain belief and also part of the Indonesia nation. Our religion and belief will influence our decision and attitudes. In the session, “Relationship between State and Religion” participants learnt to see their positions as member of a religion as well as a citizen of the state.