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IL News 008/2020

Surabaya, East Java, March 6th, 2020

The Indonesia historical incidents and revolutions were often initiated by youths. One of them, The Youth Pledge. They were from various religions, ethnics, races, and tribes; together initiating the Pledge for one homeland and one nation.

The same spirit was reflected from 60 students who are future leaders and committee of the Student Council in Petra Christian University.

They were equipped with sessions of “Knowledge of Indonesia” and “The Role of Youths and Student Council for Nation”. The hope is clear, for them to be leaders who not only care for university learning process, but also the nation condition.

Puansari Siregar from the Leimena Institute, were the facilitator for the sessions. Puansari began with the question, “Why do you have to care for the nation as a student?” This question is like the first step, when successfully passed, could step up to the next one on what to be done.

Of course, knowing and contributing for Indonesia is a lifetime struggle. It is never finished. As long as we are alive, knowing Indonesia is a practice to be exercised daily and diligently.

On a heated discussion, the students agree that knowing and contributing for Indonesia need to start from today; not when they graduate. They need to sharpen their sensitivity to see the rotten surroundings, then act as salt to prevent it.