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IL News 017/2019
Intensive Course on Pancasila and Citizenship.
Malang, July 29 – August 2, 2019.


One by one, ideas on how a class should be run, surfaced. Be on time, appreciate other’s opinion, actively involved in learning process, sang national anthem; are some agreements between students and facilitators. The idea is simple: democracy in classroom. Collective decision, responsibly taken, for collective purpose.

The classroom became busy, but it didn’t reduce the seriousness in learning the topic of Responsible Citizenship, Constitution, Pancasila, Democracy, and Indonesia Pluralism. This intensive course were jointly held by Southeast Asia Bible Seminary and Leimena Institute from July 29th, 2019 until August 2nd, 2019, facilitated by Daniel Adipranata and Puansari Siregar from Leimena Institute.

The students were actively involved in contemplating the topic’s background, and applying it into current context. For example in Constitution topic, students were asked to imagine the situation when founding fathers formulated state’s foundation. This way, they do not just know about state’s foundation, but also the history preceded, bring the meaning out of it, and apply it in their contexts as youth, future religious leader, and civil servant.

Precious values and contribution to quality nation’s living, must be celebrated in class. Democracy, appreciation to diversity and equality matters are not just discussed, but also applied through active and responsible learning.

Learning process was also conducted by singing and contemplating nation’s songs. Powerful song lyrics, combined with beautiful music, completed this Pancasila and Citizenship course purpose. It touches not only knowledge, but also emotion and inspiring life values.

“Willing to put effort, honest and sincere. Not much talk, keep working. Firm and straight heart, clear mind. Soft behaviour, sons of the nation.”

Above is the second paragraph from “Bangun Pemudi-Pemuda” song which was society’s hope for today’s youth, the future leaders: clear mind and firm heart, for the nation.

Following are some comments from the students:

“Eye opening to my role as citizen. I feel like falling in love again with this nation.”

“I am blessed through this course. It was never this dynamic. Leimena Institute makes me love Pancasila and Citizenship course, and understand more of the importance to know Indonesia history and condition.”

“The delivery method is very interesting and not boring. So is the explanation, completely different from school that only focused on memorizing, and not understanding the meaning of each events.”

“A very millennial delivery method, active media-driven which really helps us. I thought it would be boring, but it turned out to be so much fun. Normally this kind of course made us sleepy, but this one kept us away from being sleepy, it has so many discussions.”

“The learning method is flexible and it eases me to absorb the materials better. I receive many new insights. I am grateful to receive this course for one week. I love Indonesia even more.”

“I receive a lot from this course. The most impressive one is my self-awareness to love this country more. Sometimes I think what the government do has no impact and now I am reminded to love the nation because it is my duty.”