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IL News 023/2014

60th Citizenship Education (Training of Trainers)

Soe, East Nusa Tenggara, October 20th-22nd, 2014

South Central Timor (SCT) is one of the regencies in East Nusa Tenggara that is located 120 km from Kupang. Although not as famous as the other tourist attraction regions in East Nusa Tenggara, SCT is just as attractive as they are. Tenun ikat (traditionally woven textile), ellipse-shaped traditional houses with ilalang roofs that reached the ground, and the Boti traditional village, are a few of the region’s potentials that deserve attention.

The main city is Soe, which is dubbed “Cool City”. Contrasting with Kupang whose temperature is quite warm, the regency of SCT is in fact quite cool, even to the point that it becomes misty sometimes. In this city, Leimena Institute held the Citizenship Education – Training of Trainers (TOT), in cooperation with the Evangelical East Timor Church (GMIT) Synode. The event that was attended by 32 participants from GMIT’s 3 classis was held on 20th to 22nd of October 2014 in GMIT Immanuel Soe.

Citizenship Education-TOT was officially opened by Rev. Eben D. Telnoni, S.Th, Head of Soe Classis. He encouraged the participants to join the TOT with enthusiasm, as a medium to develop nationhood for the congregation, and to understand their rights and responsibility as citizens. Rev. Boy Robert Takoy, S.Th, Secretary of Theological Development Department GMIT, also attended the TOT activity.

In the 3 days of TOT, the participants learned how to understand the Citizenship Education modules that can be treated as a teaching material for the church attendees where they serve. The Citizenship Education Module learned is Responsible Citizens, Politics and the Christian Faith, The Constitution Amendment and Its Impact to Citizens Role, and Your Votes are Valuable. These modules were taught by Leimena Institute team, i.e. Matius Ho, Daniel Adipranata, and Puansari Siregar.  Paul Marshall, Senior Fellow of Leimena Institute, also gave presentation about Religious Freedom.

After studying the modules, the participants were then divided into several small groups to have teaching practice. This was done so that the participants could master the Citizenship Education Modules.  In this teaching practice, the modules were presented to several groups of 15 to 18 year old teenagers.

In the teaching practice evaluation session, the participants expressed their joy and satisfaction of being able to share nationhood to teenagers. To them, this is a new experience that raises their desire to keep sharing and make citizens aware of the role of the church in building the nation.

Let’s hear some responses from the participants:

“This has become a new experience for me. Very interesting! I learned a lot from these Citizenship Education modules. It encourages me as a pastor to be more actively involved in raising the people’s awareness of their rights and responsibilities as Indonesian citizens, and also be actively engaged.” (Rev. Emma Fay, GMIT Haumenibaki Region, Soe Classis)

“This TOT is very valuable because all this time I never have cared to think over these topics. I didn’t pay attention to TV shows that discussed these topics. I’m thankful!” (Rev. Arni Kitu – Neolaka, GMIT Hosana Pusu, Soe Classis)

“For me, this activity is very useful in improving my awareness as an Indonesian citizen who is sent by God to help others to understand themselves and to grow their awareness as a responsible citizen in doing their roles as salt and light in the midst of Indonesian people.” (Rev. Sara Boru-Fiaal, GMIT Lewi Oenase)