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IL News 023/2017

The Master Studies Program on Christian Education and the Centre of Inter-Faith and Culture of the Indonesia Christian University organised a seminar for all Christians on 7 August 2017. The theme was, “Politics, Church and The World”. The keynote speaker was Prof. Paul Arthur Marshall, Ph.D, Leimena Institute Senior Fellow and Professor at Baylor University, USA. 

The chairperson for this event was Dr. Wahyu A Rini, who was also the Head of the Master Program. There were about 200 participants from various backgrounds: students, faculty members and other invited guests from churches and Christian institutions.

The seminar was kicked off with singing by students from the university, followed by speech from the President, Dr. Maruarar Siahaan. The video lecture was about Politic, Church, and the World. Altogether there were 6 short-videos lectures by Prof. Paul Arthur Marshall, Ph.D. The sub-themes were (1) World, (2) Cultural Mandate, (3) Sin & Redemption, (4) God’s Provisional Grace, (5) Scope of Redemption, and (6) New Testament & Conclusion.

The last part after video-lectures were Question and Answers with Prof Paul Arthur Marshall.  Mita Yesika, M.Sc., a lecturer for International Relations Studies served as moderator, and Dr. Omas Bulan Samosir as interpreter.