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IL News 021/2020
July 23rd, 2020


There was a popular episode, about a Christian messenger from Ethiopia asking Prophet Muhammad’s permission to worship because his worship place was too far away. The Prophet gave his permission, even providing Nabawi Mosque’s terrace as worship place. This proved how egalitarian being practiced in Islam.

This was how Dr. Siti Ruhaini Dzuhayatin, MA. (Senior Advisor to the Executive Office of the President 2020-2024) began her presentation in Muslim Christian Dialog Webinar: Looking Through Equality and Inequality Among Religious Followers, hosted by the Leimena Institute on July 23rd, 2020. Islam exists in plural society. The right to worship and practice religious rituals, was highly regarded by Prophet Muhammad. She further explained how the equality was manifested in other life aspects.

Rev. Yonky Karman, PhD (Social Observer and Lecturer at Jakarta Theological Seminary) resume the webinar by explaining the equality and inequality concept in Christian. He presented several verses in Bible about, “Who is my neighbour?” According to him, to love is not an emotion, but rather an action. He encouraged the participants to act by reflecting “Am I a neighbour to others?” rather than “Who is my neighbour?”. The first one focused on others, whilst the second one focused on self.

The webinar was attended by 195 interfaith followers from North Sumatera to Papua. There are lecturers, activists, religious leaders, religious counsellors, researchers, Indonesian Ulema Council provincial board member, and also Aliran Kepercayaan followers.

May the webinar be a platform to build understanding on equality principles in each religions, leading to Indonesia society who is equal and respect each other.