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IL News 008/2021


Immanuel Christian University (Universitas Kristen Immanuel, UKRIM),
27 Juli 2021

“Christians have a paradoxical position. They are citizen of their country in this world and they are citizen of the kingdom of Christ as well. They have double citizenships.” Those citizenships are not something contradicts, because “In terms of love, loyalty, obedience and sacrifice for the homeland, nation and state, a Christian is not and should not be less than other people, instead he/she must be an example for others as a nation lover, a responsible citizen and show the true patriotism.”

Thus the statement of Dr. Johannes Leimena (1905-1977) quoted by Matius Ho, Executive Director of the Leimena Institute, in his presentation to the participants of the National (Virtual) Christian Student Conference “Light for the Nations Conference” held by Immanuel Christian University (Yogyakarta) on 27 July 2021. To become responsible citizens and public leaders in the future, he invited students from now on to develop themselves in the five characteristics of Christian leadership emphasized by John Stott, a theologian from England, which are: vision, hard work (industry), perseverance, service, and discipline.

The session also presented panelists Dr. Daniel Rohi, member of the East Java DPRD from F-PDIP.