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IL News 004/2021


On March 4th, 2021, Matius Ho, Executive Director of the Leimena Institute, spoke on a panel discussion organized by Indonesian Christian Student Movement (GMKI), themed “Understanding Johannes Leimena Thinking Movement”.

Dr. Johannes Leimena (1905-1977) was a doctor, politician, and Indonesian national hero. He is listed as one of the ministers who served the longest during President Soekarno’s administration (18 times as Minister, including 8 times as Minister of Health), totalling almost 20 years in a row.

The panel discussion was opened by the Chairman of National Board of Senior Associations of GMKI, Febry C. Tetelepta. Matius Ho shared the role of Leimena Institute in upholding Leimena’s spirit by contributing to develop civilization of Indonesia and the world through cooperation with various groups. Other speakers were Melani Leimena Suharli (daughter of Johannes Leimena, Member of Indonesian Parliament from Democrat Party), and Theo Litaay.

One of the participant, Dr. Tine Tombokan Neloe, also shared her deep impression on Johannes Leimena, “I am a pensioned staff from PGI Cikini hospital who is lucky to be his staff and personally experiencing led by the humble and caring leader… Every week when he visited the Polyclinic where I worked, he always asked, ‘Is alles goed, what else is needed?’ He also had his blood pressure checked there, whilst he could actually call me anytime to his office to check.”

“Is alles goed, what else is needed?” This simple question could actually touch the heart when asked by a sincere and responsible leader like the statesman Johannes Leimena.