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IL News 015/2021


“Seminary students are future leaders in not only the church but also the community.

Therefore, they need knowledge and skills in leading the congregation to create goodness for the nations together.”

Jakarta, January 11, 2022 – Institut Leimena in collaboration with Southeast Asia Bible Seminary (STT SAAT) held lectures of Pancasila and Civic Education (PPKn) from August to November 2021. A total of 33 students attended the lectures every week.

The class was taught by Budi H. Setiamarga, Daniel Adipranata, and Puansari Siregar from Institut Leimena. The lectures are provided online through Zoom with various activities, such as material presentations, group discussions, questions and answers, reading assignments, and analysis of short stories or poetries related to faith and society.

Before attending the lectures, students are asked to read the book “Konstitusi dan Saya [The Constitution and Me]” (, which contains 12 chapters about the basic principles of national and state life, including the constitution, Indonesian dreams, democracy, and human rights (HAM). Through the book, students are expected to attend the lectures with basic knowledge of citizenship.

Some topics presented in the lecture are Responsible Citizenship, The Narrative of Indonesian Pluralism, Politics and Christian Faith, Indonesia as an Idea, Constitution and Constitutional Rights. The topics aim to equip students, as prospective clergies, with citizenship competence.

The speakers emphasized that theology students are future leaders not only in the church but also in the community. Therefore, they need to have the knowledge and skills in leading the congregation so that they can create goodness for the nations.

Seminary students also need to open their eyes and ears to the principles of citizenship, and be sensitive to the situations and conditions of society. Don’t be a religious leader who is clumsy when dealing with the real problems of the congregation in the community.

In one of the lectures, Daniel Adipranata from Institut Leimena explained that Indonesia is not like a bus stop, in which people only stop by and do nothing, waiting for their journey to the final destination. Indonesia is in fact a home that God has entrusted to His people to realize the truth and justice for everyone.

“Indonesia is from Sabang to Merauke and from Miangas to Rote Island. A land in which faith stands and produces fruit that all can enjoy, without any exception,” said Daniel.

The PPKn course at STT SAAT is expected to equip prospective religious leaders so that they realize that Christians should not separate themselves from the world. Christians should not remain silent or sit idly by, yet they are required to have solidarity over everything happening to this nation, and to contribute actively according to their respective roles and contexts.

(STT SAAT students are listening to the lecture of PPKn delivered by Institut Leimena)

One of the students, Fentica Theresya, said that the course delivered by Institut Leimena made her aware of the role of clergy as the leader in the church and society.

“We have an insight about our own country, Indonesia. We can also cultivate love for our homeland and instil pride as Indonesian citizens within the people around us, including those we will serve,” said Fentica.

Accordingly, another student, Evans Candra Putra, said that the lecture process teaches him to be a Christian who makes a good impact on the nation and state. A follower of Christ should not only remain silent and find a safe way, or avoid responsibility as a citizen.

“We, as Christians, should care more and participate in every citizenship activity, and moreover we should become salt and light in our lives as citizens of this country,” Evans said.

Meanwhile, Joshua Suciono Purnomo expressed that the state and religion are inseparable. It means that clergy is a citizen of not only heaven but also earth. Therefore, a clergy is required to not only be involved in a single area but also to embrace both areas.

Another testimony was delivered by a student called Pyerwaya Karenina Syosyan Aer. He said that the opportunity to study in PPKn class is very helpful to see the status quo of the congregations’ life in Indonesia. Christianity plays an important role, yet Christians are sometimes hesitant to witness and integrate spiritual life with their status as citizens.

“I am happy that the development that I experience in this class is not only in terms of knowledge and information but also in the fact that my friends and I discuss our views on what we feel, what we are longing for as future leaders and citizens, to complete one another,” said Pyerwaya. (IL/Pu/Chr)