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IL News 012/2020


May 21st, 2020


Life does not always stay in slum. In this difficult COVID-19 era, we should train ourselves to be outstanding and be a winner. Such was said by Job Aser Tomasoa, Team Lead Financial & IT, Kelly Services Indonesia (world class HR and Consulting company) as he began his presentation at Webinar Ask The Expert: Job Opportunities Post COVID-19 on May 21st, 2020. The webinar was initiated by the Leimena Institute to equip fresh graduates entering the workforce.

Job Aser shared tips on what need to be prepared to join the workforce. Be open minded and flexible, discipline in self-development, and having competitive spirit. Building personal branding as early as possible is also important; you can start by showcasing your skills in specific area and tapping on technology to reach wider audience.

Yoka Juniansyah Amida, Team Lead Business Operations, Kelly Services Indonesia, continued on working condition changes during and post COVID-19 pandemic. According to Yoka, the changes are digital transformation in many line of work, work-life balance becomes work-life blend, and result-oriented jobs. It’s an eye opening insight to be anticipated by fresh graduates. Yoka also shared list of skills needed, such as being adaptive and creative.

Andry Lie, Business Fellow, the Leimena Institute, hosted the interactive webinar. Attendees asked lots of questions, which were responded well.
150 attendees from 13 provinces in Indonesia, were very satisfied with this webinar. They think it is very beneficial and relevant to prepare them in looking for job opportunities.

As stated in the beginning, life will not always remain in slum. Up and down, happiness and grievance, are our best friends. COVID-19 come unexpectedly, and changes the established work pattern. Nobody knows for sure what will happen after COVID-19 pandemic. At least, we have done our part wisely: to put an effort and self-development.

Here are some responses from the attendees:

“Please keep the webinar from the Leimena Institute because it is good and beneficial, by inviting compatible speakers according to the topic”

“Discuss real situation with not much theory and very relevant to what we are facing today”.

“Increase knowledge on job opportunities strategy from job seekers, especially fresh graduates”.

“Very motivating and encouraging to keep fighting in finding the right job. Thank you so much.”