IL News 002/2020

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Minister of Religious Affairs, Fachrul Razi, welcomes Leimena Institute in his office located at Jalan Lapangan Banteng Barat no. 3-4, Central Jakarta, today.

Jakob Tobing (President, Leimena Institute) and Alwi Shihab (Senior Fellow, Leimena Institute) join the delegation. Shira Loewenberg, Director of Asia Pacific Institute, also presents.

The Minister of Religious Affairs is accompanied by Nifasri (Head of Pusat Kerukunan Umat Beragama), Abd. Rahman Mas’ud (Head of Badan Litbang dan Diklat), and Khoirul Huda Basyir (Minister’s Secretary). This meeting discusses peace solution for Palestine and Israel, and the tolerant spirit in Indonesia.

Leimena Institute will organize Abrahamic Faith Conference in Indonesia this year, said Jakob Tobing. This event will also introduce religious tolerance in Indonesia based on Pancasila to the world.

“The Abrahamic Faith Conference will be attended by Muslim, Christian, and Jewish religious leaders. It is still in planning stage, hopefully will happen by the end of this year”, said Jakob Tobing to Fachrul Razi on Friday, January 24th 2020.

Minister of Religious Affairs with President Leimena Institute (Photo: Sugito)

Minister of Religious Affairs welcomes warmly the plan. “We fully support this noble activity”, said the Minister.

In addition, Alwi Shihab insists on global exposure of Indonesia as tolerant society with harmony religious community. “Leimena Institute partnering with Ministry of Religious Affairs will host the Abrahamic Faith Conference to promote religious harmony. One of the objective is to encourage Indonesia’s role in Palestine-Israel conflict”, said Alwi Shihab.

This conference will invite Jewish leaders to enhance Palestine-Israel relationship for peaceful solution. The world will also see Indonesia as a tolerant country.

“Yes, before end of the year, hopefully September 2020. We hope President Joko Widodo accompanied by Minister of Religious Affairs will open this conference”, said Alwi Shihab.

Leimena Institute is a non-profit institution with mission to develop Indonesia’s civilization that is based on Pancasila and 1945 Constitution, and global civilization that upholds human dignity through collaboration in plural society.