IL News 001/2020

“Blessed to be a blessing” is the motto from Kanaan farmers group, empowered by Leimena Institute in Manusak Village, East Kupang District. Ever since it was formed in 2009, the members have desire to share with people around them. 2019 is the group’s 10th anniversary and the desire never fades away. On December 14th, 2019 they held diaconal service for 17 elderly widows. The group chose elderly widows because they are not able to work anymore.

Farming activities are still going on. They plant rice during rainy season, followed by corn and vegetables planting. They use the harvest for family need and sell some for family income. Apart from the farming, the cattle production is still going on. The outcome of this program helps them to finance the children’s education. They are very grateful because in 2019, one of the children has graduated from Bachelor Degree in Physics at Nusa Cendana University.

May what we have done continues to be blessings from many. Soli Deo Gloria.