IL News 013/2019
National Resilience Institute of Republic of Indonesia. Jakarta, 9th May 2019.

Misunderstanding on the Amendment of 1945 Constitution is commonly found. For example, there is an understanding that 1945 Constitution has been amended 4 times. That is not true. The amendment happened constitutionally, in deliberation, in phases and in continuity.

Jakob Tobing, Leimena Institute President, explained the constitution journey to 78 participants of Short-Term Education Program, Batch of 22 Year 2019, National Resilience Institute of Republic of Indonesia on Thursday, 9th May 2019.

Participants who are Indonesian National Armed Forces, Indonesian National Police, Ministerial Offices, Non-Ministerial Offices, Private Higher Educations, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, Community Organizations, and Society Elites, learned about the revival and the growth of Indonesia, 1945 Constitution in making and amendment, and how both nationhood and constitution are complementary to each other.