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IL News 012/2019
Ciputra University. Surabaya, 6-7 May 2019.

Political events from 2017-2019, especially the Jakarta Gubernatorial election on 2017 and the Presidential and Legislative Election on 2019, have presented surprising and intense events. We experience election with identity politics, primordial, hoax and post-truth politics in massive, also hate speech and other similar kinds. Much more tenseful compared to 2014 Election and before.

In essence, election is an instrument for periodic, democratic, and accountable power circulation. It is an activity purposely and periodically conducted in a democratic country. Together with sovereignty of the people, law supremacy, human rights respect, separation of power, and checks and balances principles, the election compliments principles applied in democratic country. Through periodic, democratic, and accountable election, people aspiration is listened, absorbed, and consumed so that the state power is refreshed and strengthened toward journey of advanced nation as collectively dreamed of.

It appears that digital social media in 4.0 industrial revolution is being used by parties to stir various issues that it becomes so hot and burst, especially the issue of tribes, religions, races, and origins sentiments and also the rooted social gap. Hence, the election do not just showcase political race, but also religion and ethnic polarization.

To anticipate current situation, Ciputra University (UC) initiate nationhood induction program for its lecturers. This program, held from 6-7 May 2019, was joined by 50 lecturers in cooperation with Leimena Institute. In his opening speech, Yohannes Somawihardja as 2017-2021 UC Rector underlined how this nation was built on pluralism and diversity. It is our duty to preserve this heritage.

Jakob Tobing, Leimena Institute President, also underlined the importance of understanding nation’s existence and struggle in 4.0 Industrial Revolution. In the midst of digital technology I4.0 potential to split society and spark hatred, it also has the potential to build individual and society relationship and disseminate constructive information to overcome the bad impact and keep strengthening Indonesia existence in the midst of change.

First, we need to understand principles of state living after reformation. Post 1945 Constitution Amendment, Indonesia has become the third largest democratic country in the world after India and United States of America, from previously the second largest non-democratic country in the world after China.
Even though many progresses has been achieved, we still need to consolidate our democracy. We need to actively continue democracy consolidation. Do not be trapped in sectarian, libertarian, or authoritarian idea and politic.

1945 Constitution Amendment affirms that we adopted constitutional democracy. Article 1 Chapter 2 and 3 clearly framed our democracy. The sovereignty is in people’s hand and implemented according to Constitution (Chapter 2) and Indonesia is a country with rule of law (Chapter 3). Democracy and rule of law has become one, demos kratos intertwined with nomos kratos, constitution is in control of democracy. Democracy activity must remain inside 1945 Constitution frame, and all legal laws must submit to 1945 Constitution.

Next, we need to keep planting nationhood and Pancasila awareness to all citizens, especially the youth. The effort is done through curricular activities and systematic, integrated, and sustainable extra curricular. The process is to build plural society with divergent potential into plural society with convergent output. Stay diverse and remain one. In this context, the activities should reach mind and heart aspect. Collective dream and collective living are vital as binding factor. Education pattern needs to be designed to build and nurture the enthusiasm and fighting aspect, the nationhood spirit aspect, the intellectual aspect to anticipate various possibility and mensana in copore sano aspect as to be energetic and skillful in deed and action.

Firmly, education process in Indonesia, the curricular and the extra curricular, should be protected from teachings and ideas not in line with Pancasila. The other ideology penetration is a violation of law that needs to be prevented and acted upon.

Law enforcement is important in building nation’s character. Accommodating law will disseminate the meaning of rule of law. The enforcement of rule of law still needs firmed rule by law, by understanding that in a democratic country, rules are democratic piece of art from President and people representative.

Of course we should not forget our responsibility to build the welfare and justice for all.