IL News 010/2019
Saturday, March 16th 2019

Gading Serpong Christ Jesus Church invited Leimena Institute to equip the congregation in Politic and Church Seminar in response to 2019 Legislative and Presidential Election. Budi Setiamarga facilitated the seminar, attended by 50 people, on Saturday, March 16th 2019 from 09.00 until 12.00 noon.

The congregation learned from Dr. Johannes Leimena as a role model in politic. In his different political capacities as Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, and Acting President for seven times, Dr. Johannes Leimena lived up his faith in God.

It’s not surprising how he brought light in politic. His faith in action is real for all without difference. This has also inspired Leimena Institute to contribute and be a blessing for the nation through citizenship education and multifaith collaboration.

The congregation was also encouraged to participate in bringing impact for the nation constructively, just like salt preventing rottenness. In the midst of corruption, intolerance, violence, and social injustice, Christ followers are called to be the salt torn out from the plastic. The plastic packaging could be minority syndrome, ignorance, busyness, comfort zone, assumption that politic is dirty, and many other that prevent the salt to be in touch with the surrounding.

It is precisely why Christ followers should mingle and befriend with all people without discriminating and build healthy nation living.

After laying the foundation for Christian involvement in nation building, active participation in 2019 General Election become more relevant. The amendment of 1945 Constitution has transformed Indonesia into third largest democratic country in the world with strong presidential system and people-based sovereignty.

It is the reason why 2019 direct General Election become part of Indonesia integrated democratic system. Every citizen, including the congregation, has active duty to guard the General Election. Money politic and abstain vote should be avoided.

To vote is every citizen’s right protected by Constitution.