IL News 016/2018


“Petra Christian University uphold integrity highly. If one cheated when being a student, what will one do when he/she holds a position? That’s why education should sharpen our head, heart, and hand. The entrance point is via Pancasila and Citizenship course”, said Dr. Ir. Ekadewi Anggraini Handoyo, M.Sc., Head Department of General Education at her opening remarks at Nationhood Seminar on December 13th, 2018.

Equally, Matius Ho, MS, Executive Director of Leimena Institute, challenged participants’ thought on needs of strengthening General Education. It helped them to reflect as human being for each other.

The seminar was held in partnership between Petra Christian University and Leimena Institute, presenting Drs. Jakob Tobing, MPA, President of Leimena Institute, as keynote speaker for first session titled, “The Journey of Indonesia Dream”. Understanding the journey history starting from independent movement to current reformation, enables us to act wisely and actively. Agus Arianto Toly, SE, Ak., MSA, Vice Rector in General Administration and Finance, moderated the discussion.

Second session was moderated by Prof. Ir. Rolly Intan, M.A.Sc., Dr.Eng., titled “Higher Education Role in Nation’s Ideology Battle”, presenting Jakob Tobing and Prof. Dr. Ir. Djwantoro Hardjito, M.Eng., Petra Christian University Rector, as speakers. Djwantoro Hardjito presented the importance of nationhood and statesmanship increasing awareness to Petra Christian University students. One of the future step is to continue the nationhood program initiative, including strengthening relevant syllabuses.

Jakob Tobing inspired participants’ nationhood spirit by asking them to realize that Christian presence in Indonesia is not as the exiled, but rather as the representative who salted and enlightened the nation. Higher education plays significant role in producing the next generation who can strengthen democracy consolidation.

This seminar is closed with question from a participant: “Is there any hope for Indonesia?” Jakob Tobing and Prof. Djawantoro firmly said “YES”. Higher education has strength to be the light of optimism for Indonesia advancement, through young generation who cares for each other.