IL News 027/2018


19 students from Bandung Theological Seminary join this Pancasila and Citizenship class. They are divided into 4 groups of 4-5 people. They seem to enjoy discussing among themselves, preparing for a simulation for decision making process in order to improve the learning quality at class.

After 10 minutes, the first group stand up. They appoint and assign tasks to other groups, and threaten them if the instruction is not followed. They play the role of authoritarian regime.

Then the second group comes in. One of them sit on a chair. The other three give suggestions. He, who sit on the chair, nods and accepts the recomendations. In the end, he decides as he pleases. They play the role of kingdom style government.

Last, the third group comes in. They invite the whole class to give suggestion. The process is long, compared to the two previous groups. At a point where decision is hard, they agree to vote. They play the democratic government.

Based on this simulation, the fourth group is assigned to give meaning on these 3 different governments. At the end of the session, Grace Emilia from Bandung Theological Seminary, with Budi H. Setiamarga and Puansari Siregar from Leimena Institute, facilitate the discussion process to sharpen the understanding on “The Role of Church in Democratic Society” and “Your Voice Matters”.

Photo illustration:

In Indonesia, we practice democratic government. However, it’s not just any democracy where every body acts freely. Freedom is honored, but based on rule of law. This is clearly stated in our Constitution. Indonesia democracy is a substantial democracy, not merely majority rules.

The democracy system took place in Indonesia since 1998 and welcome all citizens to participate in our nation building. Church should be aware of it and be involved. Democracy should be the light for this nation. Democracy should be fought for seriously, one of which by choosing leaders with integrity who will protect all.