IL News 026/2018


Indonesia’s future depends on how the millenials build our nationhood vision. They populate more than a third (34.45 percent or 90 millions) and hence play important role for Indonesia.

From several researches, the millenials are unique compared to previous generations. Especially in the heavy utilization of technology and pop culture. It seems that they can’t escape from internet, entertainment and traveling.

In the midst of fluid and wide culture exposure, it becomes more important than ever to understand Indonesia identity. Daniel Adipranata passed this message to college students at Pancasila and Citizenship public lecture at Ciputra University. It was held to commemorate Hero’s Day on November 10th, 2018. 920 college students, split into 2 sessions,join this lecture at Ciputra University’s auditorium.

Ciputra University invited both Daniel Adipranata from Leimena Institute and Kombes Pol. Barito Mulyo Ratmono from State Intelligence School to discuss on how the millenials can actively overcome hoax.