IL News 013/2018
Nationhood Seminar at Southeast Asia Bible Seminary (SEABS) Malang
Saturday, August 18th 2018


If we look at the world map, Indonesia with its thousands islands is very unique like an artistic belt in the Equator. Located strategically between two continents and two oceans, It is no wonder Indonesia become the melting pot for nations, ethnics, cultures and religions.

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika slogan describes Indonesian true identity who live in harmony since long time ago. As time goes by, the harmony in pluralism is disrupted by ideas incompatible with the original intent of Indonesia founding fathers.

In order to nurture Indonesia, Southeast Asia Bible Seminary (SEABS) Malang partnering with Leimena Institute, held Nationhood Seminar for more than 200 undergraduate and postgraduate students. This seminar is facilitated by Budi Hartono Setiamarga, PhD., Director of Center for Religion and State Studies, Leimena Institute. It is to commemorate Indonesia Independence Day and also as opening event for the new semester.

The seminar was held from 08.30 am until 12.30 pm, discussing 2 topics. First topic, “We are Indonesians”, described Indonesia journey history from the past until present that shapes our true identity as Indonesians. Second topic, “Building Dream Together”, emphasized on how important it is to have shared dream as Indonesians so we can hold hands in pluralism and embrace Indonesia bright future in unity.

The nationhood seminar was well appreciated by participants as reflected in critical questions from students. It is our hope that the students be prepared not only as church servant, but also as servant to our nation for the glory of God.