IL News 013/2018

“I am Chinese ethnic, who only make friends with other Chinese ethnic since my childhood. I start to be friend with other ethnics since studying at STTB where I meet multi-ethnic friends. And this Civic Education, it makes me love Indonesia even more”, said a student at the end of Pancasila and Kewiraan course on Saturday, 8 September 2018. This learning process is organized by Bandung Theological Seminary (STTB) and Leimena Institute (IL), facilitated by Grace Emilia (STTB), Budi Setiamarga and Puansari Siregar (IL)

Pancasila is the learning topic. The students were encouraged to trail Pancasila back to Bible. Nehemia and the Good Samaritan showed the value of humanity, democracy, and justice; which are also the Principles in Pancasila. This way, students learn that Pancasila is right and comply with Christian faith.

The trailing of Pancasila lead to discussion of the unity of Pancasila Principles. The implementation of one principle must take into account the other principles. The principles are intertwined: complementing each other, so close they become one. It is impossible talking about unity, but ignoring justice. It is impossible talking about God, but ignoring humanity.

This Pancasila principles must be pondered upon continuously and lived up freshly and contextually, from one generation to the next, until its spirit is feeled by everyone. Hence, not only the student mentioned at the beginning is enlightened to love Indonesia but also all citizens whose love to this nations have faded away caused by unknowledgable or the ironic practice of Pancasila in this country.