IL News 013/2018


In the beginning, Indonesia is only an idea which youths later fight for until the independence on 1945. For instance, history recorded there is 1928 Youth Congress known as The Youth Pledge: one country, one nation, one language: Indonesia!

At that time they came with their own ethnic and religon ‘labels’. Jong Java, Jong Sumatra, Pemuda Kaum Betawi, Jong Islamieten Bond, etc. However for an idea, a shared dream as one independent nation, they came into a concensus that although they are different in ethnic and religion, they are One as Indonesia. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

source: Google Maps

The birth of an idea as one nation Indonesia become the educating topic at Gereja Kristen Baptis Jakarta, Samanhudi Congregation, in Jakarta on September 15th, 2018. Matius Ho from Leimena Institute as keynote speaker was invited by Edi Budiono and Manti Rivai, the Head and Secretary of the Congregation, This event was also attended by Pastor Johan Gopur and moderated by Timotyus Yuwono.

Apart from the birth of the idea of Indonesia, this event also discuss about important moment back in 1999-2002, ie the Amendment of 1945 Constitution which have transformed Indonesia into a country based on democracy and rule of law. The results are direct election, better human rights protection, freedom of press in uncovering corruption cases, and many other advancement.

Will Indonesia move toward the Founding Fathers’ vision, including the Youths at 1928 Congress? Our main asset is the same as them: do not let ethnic and religion ‘label’ dividing us. They were united to fight the colony, the main enemy who use division strategy, devide et impera. This enemy will always exist in different forms.

We need to learn from the Indonesian youths 80 years ago. Do not let ourselves be divided by ethnic, race, or religion. They want to divide, those are the enemy of Indonesia greatness. We are strong in unity, we are collapsed when divided. So.. for the successful future of Indonesia!