IL News 012/2018


Refused to be placed in hell due to his piety and regular worship, Haji Saleh came to God, questioning His decision.

“Do you think it’s wrong for us, to worship God in the world?’, asked Haji Saleh.

“No! Your sin is for being selfish. You are afraid to enter hell, that’s why you pray regularly. But you have forgotten your own people’s life… This is your biggest mistake, for being selfish. You live in the world full of your own people, your relatives. But you never cared about them a bit”.

The above quotation from literature “Robohnya Surau Kami” written by A.A. Navis is the opening of intensive lecture in Pancasila and Civic Education at Southeast Asia Bible Seminary (SEABS) Malang on 30 July – 3 August 2018. The principal lecturers from Leimena Institute are Budi H. Setiamarga and Daniel Adipranata.

From this story, 15 students learn double citizenship as Christians: as the Kingdom citizen and also Indonesia citizen. The lecture was then continued with Pancasila, Constitution, and Indonesia Pluralism Narration as argumentation base in public space. The lecture was closed with the practical sessions such as Your Voice Matters and Christian Leaders in Nation History.

These 3 modules were expected to expand the seminary students’ thinking horizon about Indonesia. As a potential leader who have strategic role to influence public, learning civic education is a necessity.

Of course, it’s not just a knowledge transfer learning. However, this learning will help students to think, seek meaning, and material relevance for oneself. To achieve this, Leimena Institute initiated learning process which centered on learners. Discussion, case study, and literature reading were some of the approaches in learning process.

“I feel motivated again to actively engaged for this country. As a citizen, I can’t just sit quietly and watch things happen. I have to be involved in this nation building” (Student #1)

“The discussion forced me to push myself in expressing concrete ideas than just accepting” (Student #2)

“This class broadened my knowledge on politics and open one possibility for my current ministry” (Student #3)

“While taking this class, I learn many new stuff. I think it will be another boring class, but it’s not. New things about nation building and constitution that I never heard before. The encouragement to express your ideas are highly prioritized in this class. It really trains me to express my idea. As mentioned that our current battle is not against physical / colonialism, but the battle of mind / concept / ideas”. (Student #4)