IL News 012/2018


Public health is a very important aspect for a nation advancement as implied in Men Sana Incorpore Sano slogan, in a healthy body there is a healthy soul. If added with healthy spiritual, then the complete healthiness expected by many will be achieved. Therefore, the 21st National Medical Student Camp (KMdNM) invited Leimena Institute to participate for 2 sessions at Wisma Shallom, Cisarua, Bandung on Friday, August 3rd 2018.

The session facilitated by Budi Setiamarga from Leimena Institute has equipped and motivated 200 students from Medicine, Dental Medicine, and Nursing faculties from different campuses in Indonesia to actively engage as salt and light in the plural society for Indonesia nation building. The participants also learnt from Dr. Johannes Leimena who dedicated his life as Head of Jong Ambon in the 1928 Youth Pledge, a doctor, a hospital director, Puskesmas initiator, one of DGI/PGI founder, and a statesman who actively involved for Indonesia nation building.