IL News 008 2018

One year after Youth Vow (Sumpah Pemuda) 1928, Liem Koen Hian established Sin Tit Po newspaper, and actively persuasing Chinese ethnic to fight as Indonesian for Indonesia homeland. Amir Syarifuddin, Muhammad Yamin, and Sanusi Pane are among his fighting colleagues. As Amir said, nationhood was not determined by blood or skin or face, but by the vision and same determination to become one nation.

Above is a screenshot of the nationhood lecture by Matius Ho, the Executive Director of Leimena Institute, in the celebration of 89th anniversary of CFMU (Chinese Foreign Missionary Union) on April 6th 2018 at Sendawar, West Kutai, East Kalimantan.
The celebration was attended by religious leaders and congregations from 3 church synods, pioneered by CFMU mission. The 3 church synods are GKKA (Gereja Kebangunan Kalam Allah), GEPEKRIS (Gereja Persekutuan Kristen Indonesia), and GPMII (Gereja Persekutuan Misi Injil Indonesia). The panel session with Rev. Tjia King Ie, chairperson of GKKA synod, was moderated by Tras Satriawarman. It was preceded with lecture session by West Kutai Regent, FX. Yapan, SH.