IL News 001/2017


Christianity and Politics Training

Ambon, 30 November – 1 Desember 2016

Is it necessary for Christians to be involved in politics? What kind of role does Christians play in politics? In order to answer those questions, The Klasis Ambon Island of Maluku Protestant Church (GPM) Synod and Leimena Institute conducted a Christianity and Politics Training. It was held on Nov. 30 until Dec. 1 2016 at Eden Congregation of GPM in Kuda Mati district, Ambon.

The chairman of GPM synod, Rev. A.J.S. Werinussa, M.Si., officially opened the event with the presence of around 70 pastors and elders in the area. The two days training was led by Rev. Andreas A. Yewangoe (Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Indonesian Council of Churches), Dr. Maruarar Siahaan, S.H (Rector of the Indonesian Christian University), and Budi Setiamarga, PhD., (Director of Leimena Institute for Center for Religion and State Studies (CRSS)).

The biblical basis of church and politics, as well as the practice in the political life in Indonesia, are the examples of the discussed topics. They also talked about the development of notion about Indonesia in the preamble to the 1945 Constitution. The amendment of the 1945 Constitution allows the citizen of Indonesia, including Christians, to actively involve in politics. Dr. Johannes Leimena has given the inspiration to be followed by Christians now. This training emphasized on the importance of Christians to take parts in law enforcement and corruption mitigation strategies for a better Indonesia.

The participant were hoping to reach a better understanding about the meaning of politics in Christianity and realize the responsibility for Christians in politics. All of that are in hoping to encourage them to build Indonesia in their own expertise. The training was officially closed by the head of the training’s organizer, Rev. Ricardo Rikumahu, STh., chairman of Klasis GPM Ambon Island.