Menegakkan Konstitusi, Konsolidasi Demokrasi

MENEGAKKAN KONSTITUSI, KONSOLIDASI DEMOKRASI Oleh JAKOB TOBING   Berbagai aksi belakangan ini yang nyata-nyata berusaha mengganti Pancasila, mengubah Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia, hendak mengganti kedaulatan rakyat yang sungguh sudah kebablasan. Indoktrinasi...
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Peaceful Islam: Experience in West Africa and Indonesia

IL News 002/2017 by Institut Leimena January 10th, 2017 Institut Leimena in cooperation with UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta has conducted a Seminar to discuss the book: “Beyond Jihad: The Pacifist Tradition in West African Islam” by Prof. Lamin Sanneh. This article...
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Learn Healthy Politics in Ambon Island

IL News 001/2017 by Institut Leimena Christianity and Politics Training Ambon, 30 November - 1 Desember 2016 Is it necessary for Christians to be involved in politics? What kind of role does Christians play in politics? In order to answer those questions, The Klasis...
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Contributing in the Democratic Consolidation (3)

Civis 004/2016 III. Consolidation of democracy With such background, various progress and shortcomings as listed above, we will face two possibilities in the future. First, we could manage to build a democratic system, enforce the law, and continued the sustainable...
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Contributing in the Democratic Consolidation (2)

Civis 004/2016 II. Achievements and deficiencies. The reformation of Indonesia was peaceful and successful thanks to the support and wisdom of all political parties. The amendment process took place in the spirit of brotherhood, relatively open, was gradual and...
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Contributing in the Democratic Consolidation (1)

Civis 004/2016 I. Introduction Starting from the implementation of democratic elections in 1999, the reformation has lasted for more than 17 years now. Indonesia is now recognized as the third largest democratic country in the world after India and the United States....
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Church and Politics in Indonesia (2)

Civis 003/2016 IV. Christian Attitudes Toward Politics It is clear that politics, as the ability to live together in a polis, is inevitable, except if the church and Christians only want to live in a ghetto. Then Christians must involve themselves into the political...
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Church and Politics in Indonesia (1)

Civis 003/2016 I. Introduction When we talk about Politics, it will be very similar with the talk about the State. So a talk about the relation of the Church and Politics will “drag” us to a discussion about the relation between the Church and the State. Politics, as...
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Spreading The Spirit of Patriotism to Church Leader Candidates

IL News 013/2016 by Institut Leimena Intensive Lecture on Citizenship in Southeast Asia Bible Seminary (SAAT) Malang, East Java, June 13-17, 2016 Seminari Alkitab Asia Tenggara (SAAT) or Southeast Asia Bible Seminary invited Leimena Institute to hold an intensive...
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Understanding and Developing Local and National Skills to Overcome Radicalization of Religion (3)

Civis 002/2016 Preventing and Overcoming Radicalization As a body of one nation, we actually have a natural or innate ability to fight against all forms of sectarian violence. Besides, Indonesia is a very plural nation, which is consequently prone to horizontal social...
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